Tanzania is a home to diverse wild life, 430 species and sub species of mammals,1060 of birds and 1370 of butterfly. The famous Serengeti National Park boasts of the greatest concentration of large animals on earth. Tanzania also features the Africa highest mountain Kilimanjaro, deepest lake Tanganyika, largest protected area Serous and World’s largest Volcanic crater Ngorongoro. Tanzania has 12 national parks, 30 game reserves and marine parks(Zanzibar and Pemba). Most of Tanzania is a high plateau(900 m -1800 m). Tanzania has two rainy seasons, the short rains, monsoon from October to December and long ones between March and May. Tanzania”s northern circuit hires trekkers due to mountains and the southern circuit hires travelers due to high concentration of wilderness. Ngorongoro Conservation area. It is a world heritage site and Biosphere Ngorongoro crater forms 3% of the conservation area.

Ngorongoro is the world largest unbroken caldera. it has the highest concentration of predators in Africa. Serengeti National Park Is the largest national park in Tanzania and most popular park in Africa. Serengeti is the size of Ireland. It is the best wild life viewing in Africa because of the open plains and sparseness of sheltering trees.Serengeti along with the neighboring Masai Mara forms the best place in Africa to observe big cats.

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