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Semliki National Park

Park Area:- 220sq km of lowland forest which is an eastern extension of the vast Ituri Forest of Congo Basin. The park occupies a flat and undulating landform of the Semliki valley on the remote western side of the Rwenzori.The Semliki valley contains numerous features associated with central rather than eastern Africa. The Semliki River is aminiture version of the Congo River, the  forest is home to numerous  central African wildlife species, and local population includes the Batwa pygmy community. The park contains  evidence of even older processes the Hot Springs bubble up from  the depth. The park has diversity of birds totaling to 447 species, mammals and butterly.

Key bird species:- Congo serpent eagle, Rail (Nkulengu & Grey throated), Spot breasted ibis, Yellow throated nicator, Red rumped tinker bird, Black winged oriole, Horn bills(Black dwarf,Red billed ,Piping, White crested, White thighed ,Black casqued wattle), Western bronze napped pigeon, Capuchin babbler, White bellied king fisher, Black collared love bird, Zenkers honey guide, etc. The activities include: birding, gamedrives, hiking and nature walks,hot springs and cultural encounters and trails.