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Today we depart for the second largest city in Uganda called Jinja, via Mukono, Mabira forest and we enter Jinja town after crossing the Owen falls dam.  Jinja is where the Nile River  leaves  Lake Victoria to start it’s  6400km journey to the Mediterranean sea. On your way to Jinja,  you will pass via Sezibwa falls.  It is believed that the  twines  gave birth to this stream that pauses of sparkling falls and the rock caves is where the mother lived. After enjoying the beautiful   guided scenery and cultural tour  of  Sezibwa,  you will dash to another living feature  Mabira forest  as you continue to Jinja  to visit  the source of the Nile  At the source of the Nile, you will take about ride to the point where the River Nile leaves  Lake Victoria and later have  lunch.  In the afternoon you will depart for  Kampala and that marks the end of of our days service.

Tour Highlights (Source of the Nile, Sezibwa and Mabira forest)
  • Sezibwa Falls
  • Mabira Forest
  • Source of the Nile
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