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Our Services


Credit Uganda Tours   offers car hire services to   individuals,   groups, NGOS, international Agencies and we also offer transport for workers of corporate organisations. We offer car hire services on short and long term basis.Credit Uganda has vast and professional experience in ground transportation for both local and international agencies. We help our clients choose the type of car for hire depending on the distance, benefit, affordability,   the nature of roads and the purpose of the car. We also assist clients in path selection, travel plan and maps.Credit Uganda tours offers   4*4 wheel drive cars, Saloon cars, Vans, Buses, Adventure trucks. All cars are comprehensively insured. We offer self-drive, chauffeured cars, events and conference transportation at competitive prices.


Cultural tourism has a long history and roots from Grand tour. It is the original form of tourism, it is a form  of  tourism  which  does  not  damage  the  environment and culture but contributes greatly to the economy and the local communities.Uganda has a rich cultural diversity which can be used to attract tourist and   eradicate poverty in the local communities as it is a natural capital. Credit Uganda Tours offers tours to various cultural attractions   in form of monuments, cultural institutions, historical sites,   festivals, rituals, architecture, museum, folk art, creative tourism and tribal cultural encounters.To experience the Uganda cultural diversity, one needs to visit tribal villages of the Tepsi, Turkan, Jiee, Karamojongos, Bagisu( ambalu), Bahima(ankole cattle), Batwa, Baganda(kasubi tombs), Banyoro(amparo) and the Basoga. Culture is celebrated through music, traditional food, dance, drink and artifacts.


The constitution of Uganda schedule 3 represents Uganda s diverse cultural heritage which comprises of 65 indigenous communities. The diversity contributes to a wealth of indigenous knowledge, customs, traditions and products which can be harnessed for development. Despite the rich cultural diversity, nothing has been done to use it to eradicate poverty as culture   intrinsically valuable and important dimension of identity and a form of natural capital. This demands an appropriate response and it is on this critical element that the foundation will concentrate its efforts on the development of culture, through cultural festivals and cultural tourism. The focus of the foundation is to educate the youth and women on how they can use the cultural diversity to actively participate in tourism. The key anticipated results are creation of employment, poverty eradication and cultural preservation for the future generation. The foundation is also looking at cultural documentation with other partners. The overall objective is to help the local community benefit from tourism using the natural capital called culture. Under this foundation we organise cultural tours to different indigenous tribe for those seeking authentic African cultural encounters.


Credit   Uganda   tours has a vast experience of agency service. We are ground handlers   for both international and local companies. Our agency services are limited to the services we offer.


Credit Uganda Tours   offers the services of volunteer placement for both the residents and non-residents.  We offer guidance to individuals and groups seeking to volunteer, such that they meet their expectations.We work with our local communities to help ensure that they benefit from tourism


Credit Uganda Tours, offers research   and consultancy services in the field of tourism,geography and developoment studies for both the local and international organisations, individuals who want start tourism related business, handling tourism effects, be head of the changing tourism  trends, tourism product development ,travel advise and market analysis.In addition we offer research support services to visiting research teams.


Credit Uganda Tours offers the services of project planning and management of projects that are tourism and community related at tourism destination areas. We handle all the project life cycle that is to say project identification, preparation and analysis, appraisal, implementation and monitoring and evaluation.