Mgahinga National Park is part of a larger ecosystem, the Virunga Conservation Area (434kmsq) which includes two adjacent parks in Rwanda and Congo, Mgahinga Gorilla national Park sits high in the clouds, at an altitude of between 2,227m and 4,127m. It was formed to protect the rare mountain Gorillas that inhabits its dense forests, and it is also an important habitat for the endangered golden monkey. Its most striking features are its three conical, extinct volcanoes, part of the spectacular Virunga range that lies along the border region of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Mgahinga forms part of the much larger Virunga Conservation Area which includes adjacent parks in these countries. It is home to part of the 300 gorillas located in the Virunga Massif. It is indeed where Gold meets Silver where gorillas are house with the same habitat of the golden monkeys. The cultural heritage featuring folklore and traditional healing practices for local people covers the north slopes of the three northern Virunga volcanoes- Muhavura, Gahinga and Sabinyo. The park derives its name from Gahinga Kinyarwanda word for apile of volcanic lava stones around which cultivation is carried out. On the other hand Muhavura means quide and Sabinyo means the old man’s teeth. It is borderd to the south by Rwanda and to west by Congo.

Activities in Mgahinga include ; birding where the Rwenzori Turaco may be observed, cultural encounters with the Batwa, Gorilla tracking, Hiking, Nature walks and volcano climbing.

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