Kidepo National Park is atrue african wilderness. It is awilderness park, dry, hot and isolated, yet spectacular,magnificent and virgin, waiting to be discovered. The park is known for it isdistinctive composition of wild game co-existing with the dry mountain forests, open savanna and hilltops capped by rockkopjes.The isolated wilderness dominated by the2750m mt Morungole and transected by the Kidepo and great Narus rivers.Kidepo is an oasis in asemi desert due to perennial rains. It is ahome to over 77 mammal species and almost 500 birds. The park is 1442 sq km and located in the Karamoja region of northern Uganda and borders the Sudan in the north west and Kenya in the north east.The activities include:game drives,nature walks, community walks( Karamojong life style), mountain hikes, sand bed experience and bird watching.

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