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Bwindi National Park

At 321sq km it is home to haif of the world mountain gorillas, whose encounter and consequent eye contact is the most exciting  and poignant wildlife encounter in the whole of Africa. With mist coverd hillsides, this impenetrale forest is the oldest and most biologically diverse rain forest, with over 400 species of plants. It lies on the edge of the rift valley in southwestern Uganda and protects at least 120 species of mammals, 202 species of butterfly, 163 species of trees and 346 species of birds.

The bird species Include:- African broad bill, Short tailed warbler Kivu ground thrush, Red throated alethe, Rwenzori turaco, Grauers warbler, Archers ground thrush, Striped breasted tit, Dwarf honey guide, Sunbirds(Regal, purple breasted, blue headed), Yellow eyed flycatcher, Red faced woodland warbler, Yellow footed flycatcher ,Crimson wing(Dusky &Shelly’s), Dusky twin spot, Rwenzori batis, Handsome francolin, Apalis(collared &mountain masked). It has 163  species of trees. It is UNESCO designated world Heritage site popular for mountain gorillas and chimpanzee. The activities in the park include:gorilla tracking, birding,cultural walks, mountain biking and nature walks.