Akagera National Park is established as Rwandas big game park.Located on the north-eastern edge of Rwanda bordering Tanzania and incorporting the Akagera river.The park has three habitats savannah, mountain and swamps. Akagera s big game include: African Elephant, Buffalo, Giraffe, Zebra and variety of antelopes.Akagera is ahome to many hipopotamus and nile crocodile the world big reptile. It is recogonised as one of the best spots for the bird watching in Rwanda. The diverse habitats of the park encourages awide variety of bird species to the area.It is well stocked with water birds. The savanna is host to 525 species and 4 endemics, most notable of which is the rare and highly sought after the shoe bill stork. This area supports many broadly distributed African birds such as Bennetts woodpecker, black-headedchat. The Akagera is the best site to look for the rare Ring-necked Francolin and the rare papyrus swamp Gonolek.

The Akagera river runs through the park and together with six lakes and Mitumba hills it is aunique habitat and the home of big primates , birds, and many plants.

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